His Dark Materials for BBC and HBO

Framestore is the creative partner for?His Dark Materials; the upcoming TV series for BBC and HBO,?delivering thrilling VFX and animation in this adaptation of Sir Philip Pullman's acclaimed series of novels.

The series will air at the end of 2019.?

The Crown for Netflix

The upcoming third series of The Crown features Olivia Colman taking over the role of the Queen and will feature work by Framestore's TV team.?

Available to stream on Netflix from November.?

The Witcher for Netflix

Netflix's upcoming eight-part series The Witcher is based on the?Andrzej Sapowski?novel series about Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter?with supernatural powers. Fronted by Superman actor Henry Cavil, Netflix's series has already garnered the attention of a huge audience who have played the four video games also based on the books.?


See for Apple TV+

Jason Momoa -?Aquaman himself - will play warrior Baba Voss in See, a new series being produced for the Apple TV+ streaming service. Written by Stephen Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, the sci-fi?show takes place in a future devastated by a virus that has?left humans blind.?


Damon Lindelof?isn't adapting the iconic graphic, instead he's 'remixing' the books into a new series for HBO. Watchmen?is due to start at the end of October and looks set to bring a new perspective to the world created by Alan Moore, helped by a healthy dose of VFX from Framestore.