Taking inspiration from their favorite sci-fi films, the team approached showcasing the device as a mammoth, monolithic craft reminiscent of those encountered in Space Odyssey, Star Wars, and Arrival. Moving from a series of abstract and minimalist opening shots set deep in space, the laptop comes into focus as we dive into the device, exploring every aspect of the sleek computer. Choreographed supers appear on the screen like film credits introducing our hero product.

While featuring the high end look and functionality of the device was the primary priority, it was also crucial to carefully consider the composition of each shot as the spot would live in a variety of formats. Says Ng ‘Having the spot be fully CG allowed me to really think about the best resolution to work at so that all these different aspect ratios would be framed as well as the 16x9 version. We ended up working in a square format and developed a tool for the CG and 2D artists to see what the different aspect ratios would end up looking like.’

This flexibility enabled the team to deliver the entire project smoothly and to the highest quality within the compressed timeline, and ensured that the product would be artfully and strategically displayed on every screen.

Bradley’s strong design background and keen attention to the composition of every shot balanced with Ng’s CG expertise and vision complemented each other throughout the project. A grade by Maria Carretero tied the energetic spot together, dialing up the dramatic look and feel.