'Visually wondrous and worth watching on the biggest possible screen'


'The sight of the balloon and its encounter with a vast array of altitudes, weather and adverse physical conditions is splendidly conveyed for considerable suspense and wonder'

The Hollywood Reporter

'By the film’s audacious, high-wire-act climax, the audience was rapt — it felt like you could hear every single gasp. We were onboard, as the aeronauts risked tumbling off it.'


'With the widest of wide-screens, the most vertiginous of vistas, this hot air balloon takes to the skies and soars, taking the film along with it.'

Screen Daily

'Gravity meets Free Solo in gripping hot-air balloon adventure'

Indie Wire

'Some tremendous effects and sweet-natured romantic imaginings lift this Victorian ballooning adventure – as Mary Poppins might have put it – up through the atmosphere, up where the air is clear.'

The Guardian