1. Who We Are

        Framestore is home to a collective of visionaries?working across film, advertising and content. Our work and skillset is wide-ranging, thanks to a pool of 2400 talented artists and producers in offices across the globe.

        What We Do

        Known globally for our visual effects, we have a proud history creating extraordinary images and scenes for some of Hollywood’s biggest pictures, collecting every possible industry award along the way.

        Our work is also seen across the advertising industry, bringing magic to the small screens that surround us every day.

        Framestore has grasped the opportunities afforded by new technologies, and works with brands, studios, artists and organisations to bring immersive experiences to both new and existing audiences. Fuelled by a relentless curiosity we continue to look to the future, carving out new spaces, screens and media through which to tell stories.?

        Gender Pay Report 2019

        View and download Framestore's Gender Pay Report for 2019, published as per UK regulations.?The information is also available via gov.uk

        Some Highlights

        We are proud to have worked on some truly outstanding?creative projects; and as a company, continue to evolve and grow with the times.?Take a walk through just a handful of the highlights from our vast and varied heritage in visual effects, film, advertising and more.

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        • Framestore founders

          Framestore, the early days

          Framestore was?founded?in London's Soho in 1986. The?proposition was simple: use technology to create the most extraordinary images possible.?

        • Gulliver's Travels

          Gulliver's Travels

          Framestore created?450 VFX shots for 'Gulliver's Travels', which was?broadcast on NBC and later on Channel 4 in the UK to record ratings. The fantastical mini-series attracted the greatest Sunday movie audience since Jurassic Park, and cemented Framestore's prowess as creator of dazzling visual effects. The quantity of shots, and the complexity of the many effects used to create the unreal worlds proved a giant success for the team, led by VFX Supervisor Tim Webber.

        • Guinness 'Surfer'

          Surfing with Guinness

          The critically-acclaimed 'Surfer' for Guinness won more awards than any other commercial spot in 1999, and has been deemed the most iconic ad of all time in numerous polls. Framestore worked with Director Jonathan Glazer and creative agency AMV BBDO to tell the tick-tock tale of the patient surfer, who rides out the ultimate white horse wave.

        • Walking with Dinosaurs

          Walking with Dinosaurs

          The BBC's groundbreaking 'Walking with Dinosaurs' aired in 1999, featuring over two hours of photo-real CG animation created by Framestore's artists. The six-part series was the result of two years?of work, recreating creatures from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous eras, and received high praise from the industry,?winning the BAFTA Innovation Award in 2000.

        • Harry Potter

          The Wizarding World

          Framestore?first visited Hogwarts in 2001, for?Harry Potter and?The Philosopher's Stone,?and went on to work across all eight?films in the world-famous?series. Work included?the CGI creation of?Buckbeak the Hippogriff,?an enormous Basilisk,?Dobby the House Elf,?and a menagerie of other magical creatures.

        • noitulovE


          A second round on Guinness, as Framestore set to work on the fast-paced effects needed to tell the story of 'noitulovE'. The extraordinary collage of?live action, stock footage, custom CGI creatures and digital stills allowed our VFX artists to use every weapon in their arsenal in order to condense the history of mankind into a televisual ad spot. 'noitulovE'?went on to win?the prestigious Grand Prix at Cannes Lions.

        • The Golden Compass

          The Golden Compass

          A golden double for The Golden Compass.?Framestore received both the Oscar and BAFTA for Visual Effects in 2008, for their work constructing the massive armoured polar bear?Iorek Byrnison, voiced by Sir Ian McKellen.

        • Gravity

          Gold for Gravity

          Framestore was recipient?of another sweep of award wins for 2013 space epic Gravity, which went on to win the Oscar, BAFTA, and VES Award?for Visual Effects in 2014. Alfonso Cuáron's remarkable blockbuster was a four year endeavour, plotted, planned and made in Britain by an extensive team at Framestore, who pushed their creative capabilities to the max to complete the incredible effects in the film.

        • Game of Thrones

          A new realm

          Framestore made waves at SXSW Interactive Festival with an incredible immersive experience for HBO's 'Game of Thrones'. Working with Relevent, the team utilised Oculus Rift headsets and a realtime Unity game engine to create an experience for superfans of the hit series like no other. Shortly after, Framestore announce the official opening of a dedicated VR Studio, to further the creative work and technological possibilities?in this exciting new?field.

        • Morgan Stanley Digital Signage

          Unveiling Digital Signage

          2015 saw Framestore take to Times Square, to reinvent the LED frontage at Morgan Stanley's iconic headquarters. Framestore Labs worked with creative partners Bloomberg to modernise the systems, and drew on their experience working with the London Stock Exchange to create striking, comprehensible graphic displays for the screens which would highlight the bank's work, and key stock market information, to the building's millions of passers-by.?

        • Our Mars

          The first-ever headset-dree group virtual reality experience and the single most-awarded campaign at Cannes Lions 2016.

        • Double win for Blade Runner 2049

          Richard Hoover led a team of over 175 artists in Framestore’s Montréal studio, crafting almost 300 shots for the final picture, which built on extensive concept and pre-production work by Framestore’s Art Department. This is the third time Framestore has won both the?Academy Award and Bafta for?Special Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture.

        • Box Office Success

          The Framestore team film celebrated a successful start of the year, with their work on Disney's Chistopher Robin earning an Academy Award Nomination for Best Visual Effects, while Marvel Studios' Avengers; Endgame became the highest-grossing film of all time, taking $2.79 billion at box office.

        Our Management

        Framestore's core values have remained the same since the company was conceived in 1986. Our founders have built a unique environment which nurtures and inspires creativity, loyalty and innovation across both teams and offices. Their proposition, that of uncompromising quality, is and will always remain central to our ever-evolving output.

        William Sargent

        Chief Executive Officer

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        Chief Creative Officer

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        US President, Integrated Advertising

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